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Landscaping & Groundworks

Most of our landscaping and groundworks projects throughout Leeds are part of a wider house extension project or other building work. We occasionally undertake standalone projects.


When you make the decision to utilise your outdoor space to extend your living space it will impact your garden. Mastercraft Developments provide a complete package solution for building project work, including clearing land in preparation for development and redesigning and landscaping the more compact outdoor living area.

Keep costs down by employing a single team for your project
Complete the full project more quickly since one team isn’t waiting for another to finish
Create a complete and consistent design right from the planning stages

As part of our planning process, we’ll encourage you to consider how your outside space will be impacted by the development. Planning how your outdoor space will look and function after the project is completed isn’t just about tidying up and making do with a smaller squidged-in garden. We’ll help you to plan an outdoor living space to suit your lifestyle and complement your new extension. Improve your garden with decking, patio areas, outdoor seating, fencing, water features and ponds or rearrange existing features to better suit the area. We’ll consider practicalities such as drainage and water-run off to keep your garden healthy and avoid flooding risks, boundary walls may need to be redesigned and any existing trees and shrubs need to be considered. While we discourage the removal of healthy mature trees, we can arrange tree removal if required.


Established in 2001, Mastercraft Developments have over 30 years of experience in building project work, including landscaping and groundworks, throughout Leeds. With a single team completing all development work, it’s much easier to coordinate the project and make sure all aspects are considered.

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